A Kenshusei is a special trainee who undergoes the training necessary to become an Aikido Instructor.  Kenshusei, having taken a particular course and upon successfully passing the examination to graduate, will be entitled to receive a teaching certificate to include grading authority from Birankai International, in accordance with the international regulations of the Aikido Headquarters (Hombu Dojo), Tokyo Japan.

The purpose of the Kenshusei program is to cultivate Aikido instructors to become fine examples of the embodiment of the art, both physically and spiritually, thus enriching their lives and contributing to the future of the Aikido society.

~Duration of Training

One to four years, depending on the student’s rank at the beginning of the course and subsequent progress.

Participation in the Kenshusei program is on an annual basis and is renewable every year at the beginning of the year.  Each year is divided into two terms.  The first term begins the first week in January and ends the last week in June.  The second term begins the first week in July and ends the last week of December.

There is a test and  personal interview at the end of each term.

~Requirements for Training

A minimum of fifteen hours of training per week, including Iaido Batto-Ho and Zazen Meditation. There may be additional hours (special classes with Chief Instructors).

~Promotion, Certification and Evaluation

While undergoing the course, promotion is possible from 1st Dan to 3rd Dan depending upon the rank at the beginning of the course and subsequent progress.  Upon successfully passing the examination, certification will be awarded for the course of study.

A private interview with the Chief Instructors may be arranged upon request at any time, however, a major interview will be conducted at the end of each term to evaluate the student’s commitment and progress.