Junior Kenshusei

Junior Kenshusei Leadership Program


Student that strives to develop herself/himself in a given art or Way through diligent and persistent effort.


To offer traditional martial/spiritual training at a higher level. To help cultivate our children in becoming fine mentors and examples for other children in the dojo and community at-large.  To enrich the lives of the participants in the program, and contribute to the future success of our childrens and adults programs.  To help students in the program on a one-to-one basis further develop leadership, commuication, discipline, sensitivity and organizational skills.  To help instill a level of personal responsibility.  This type of training will help to ensure the preservation and integrity of Aikido for generations to come and will lead our young people to a better quality of life.


Must be at least 11 years old and have Parent/Guardian permission.  Must attend childrens class no less than 2x a week, consistently.  Must commit to attending one adult class a week and be consistent in that class as well.  Must have demonstrated continuous maturity in the childrens class and the desire to help others.


To be sincere in effort and commitment to personal training and in helping others to develop themselves.  To become more familiar with traditional Japanese customs, and rules of etiquette through observation and personal study.  To assist Sensei and Senior Members with instructing new students.  To assist Sensei and Senior Members with all facets of childrens classes.  Students will lead meetings ( with adult supervision) with the other children to discuss how students are doing, and what programs/events children would like to have implemented, etc.


Students are representatives of their family, community and dojo and should make every effort to display right conduct and attitude at home, school and in the dojo at all times.


Upon reaching their 13th birthday and formally entering all adults classes, the students will test for 5th or 4th kyu, depending on the amount of time in the program, and current rank of the individual.

~Advantages of Program

Personal training with Sensei.  Aquire skill sets that will enable students to perform better at school, while working alone or in small groups.  Acquire physical skills and ranking at a much faster pace.  Acquire a deeper knowledge of Japanese culture, language and art forms.  Students will be introduced to higher principals of learning.  The student will develop an understanding of community and the importance of tolerance, mutual cooperation, perseverance and the working toward the betterment of our society.


A student may be dismissed from the program upon their Parents/Guardians request.  A student may also be dismissed from the program for continued fighting, and/or being dis-respectful toward their Parents/Guardians, Sensei and/or fellow students.  If students do not meet their attendance requirements for 2 weeks, prior to speaking with Sensei, they will be dismissed from the program.

If you are interested in the Junior Kenshusei Mentorship Program, please speak with Sensei.