Soto Deshi

Soto Deshi

A Soto Deshi lives outside of the dojo, but is interested in deepening their Aikido and martial arts training, above that of the general member. Soto Deshi are required to train a minimum of 9 class hours per week, including Iaido, and Zazen.

Soto Deshi are also required to attend all Aikido of Albuquerque seminars and mini- sesshins. Soto Deshi must also commit to attending either the Southwest Regional Seminar or Birankai Summer Camp.

Samu (silent work/cleaning practice) is an important part of the Deshiʼs training. Samu consists of cleaning the dojo and areas directly outside of the dojo.

Private classes with the Chief Instructors will be given to Uchi Deshi, Soto Deshi and Kenshusei.

Students in the Deshi/Kenshusei Programs develop skills and knowledge at a much faster rate, subsequently, tend to move up in rank much quicker than general members. Uchi Deshi, Kenshusei and Soto Deshi Programs are for the students that have chosen to intensify their focus and commitment to Aikido training.

There is an additional fee for the Soto Deshi Program. If you are interested in the Soto Deshi Program, please speak with Philip Sensei.