Individuals who apply for the uchideshi program must put their training and the dojo above their own personal needs for the duration of their apprenticeship. Applications will be considered for a period of up to three months; after this point, an interview will be conducted to evaluate the student’s commitment to training. Uchideshi must:

~Attend all classes at the dojo. This includes training in Aikido, Weapons, Iaido and Zen. An approximate day is four hours of training, plus self study.

~Perform daily samu. Samu, or work practice, will include: cleaning, repairs to the dojo, cooking, and other necessary dojo related projects.

~Attend any and all local seminars that are being held while in our program.

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Kenshusei Program

A Kenshusei is a special trainee who undergoes the training necessary to become an Aikido Instructor.  Kenshusei, having taken a particular course and upon successfully passing the examination to graduate, will be entitled to receive a teaching certificate to include grading authority from Birankai International, in accordance with the international regulations of the Aikido Headquarters (Hombu Dojo), Tokyo Japan.

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Soto Deshi Program

A Soto Deshi lives outside of the dojo, but is interested in deepening their Aikido and martial arts training, above that of the general member. Soto Deshi are required to train a minimum of 9 class hours per week, including Iaido, and Zazen.

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Junior Kenshusei Program

For students that strive to develop themselves in Aikido through diligent and persistent effort, Aikido of Albuquerque offers a Junior Kenshusei Leadership Program

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