Michelle Rudeau, Black Belt, 3nd Degree

Rudeau-Sensei started aikido in 2006 in Washington D. C. under Michael Veltri Sensei.  After moving back to Albuquerque in 2010, she’s continued her study under Philip Vargas Sensei and Bernadette Vargas Sensei.  In 2011, she decided to intensify her study and became an uchideshi/kenshusei, or apprentice, to Vargas Senseis.

IMG_6356She’s been an Assistant Teacher in the children’s classes since 2011, and in June 2013 she became the Teacher of the Kids Class.  She taught aikido at the New Mexico International School, a charter school for grades K-4, between 2012-2014, and teaches a for-credit Aikido class at the University of New Mexico.  In addition to training in Aikido and Weapons, she also studies Iaido and Zazen.